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Thank you everyone for following along with Musician Health Resource! It's now been four months since this blog started and I am so happy with how it is rolling along.

This will be the only post this week because it's spring break and, as a full-time musician as well as blogger, podcast host, actor, teacher and doer of whatever comes my way, I need a break! And I sincerely hope all of you are getting a break as well.


As I head into the fifth month of writing I thought I'd let you know what to expect from this blog so that you can read as you please and check in when you'd like.



On Monday I'll be posting about music and mental health. Currently I've been writing a series on tackling depression and referencing the many ways I've personally used to manage my diagnosed mild-moderate depression and the research backing them up as effective.



After a long-standing struggle with chronic back pain, hip spasms and TMJ, I've decided it's time to embark on a personal journey to fitness. I've been an active runner and I've been in Physical Therapy multiple times but it's time for me to get together a routine and stick with it to prevent relapsing into painful problems that seem to flare up every couple of years. On Tuesdays I'll be sharing with you my personal fitness progress, exercises, equipment and treatments that work for me.



Wednesday's blog post will always relate to and set you up for whoever the podcast speaker is for the week. Usually the post is centered on physical health and will expand on concepts or the career of the guest.



Every Thursday the post will contain links and show notes from the conversation with my podcast guest. There will always be a new podcast updated to iTunes and SoundCloud for you to stream as I talk with experts from the fields of music, medicine or athletics.



I'll be either resting or working so no posts on the weekends. I hope you do the same!


Happy Spring Break everyone! See you in a week :)


Less pain and more music,


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