Lecture and Workshop Packages


You deserve to spend your time on the things that you love and scrolling the internet searching for information, health resources, treatment and therapy options are probably never going to fall into that category. Thankfully, you’ve found someone who’s already been down that road and done the hard work for you!

After three repetitive strain injuries throughout her successful cello career, Karen is equipped to share with you the information she gained from top experts in the fields of music, medicine and mental health. When you book a lecture and workshop with Karen you’ll:

    • Learn the most often occurring injuries and their causes by instrument
    • Discover proper prevention and recovery tools for common pains
    • Receive up to date information from the emerging field of Performing Arts Medicine
    • Be equipped with mindfulness techniques that will expand your awareness and connection to your instrument
    • Have better practice tools for auditions and performances that require a strong mental game
    • Avoid pain and do more of what you love by learning and applying the training techniques of Olympic-level athletes
    • Help fulfill your NASM accreditation 


Master Classes 


For students who want to gain a better understanding of the brain/body connection and find ways to implement the tools covered in the lecture and workshop, Karen offers a two hour master class focusing on relaxation in performance. The master class allows a select number of students to perform for their peers and receive musical, physical and mental feedback. Common topics covered include: 

    • The discovery of tension in tone
    • Relaxation and breathing in instrumental technique
    • Undiscovered stress in the body and mind
    • How to put yourself in the mental space of performance


Individual Coaching


If you’re a professional or advanced student interested in private coaching, Karen offers coaching via Skype or in-person provided on location. With over fifteen years of teaching and coaching experience and more than 20 years of performance, Karen is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve peak performance. Coaching covers everything from physical and mental self care, goal setting, healthy practice habits and musical training.