Musician Financial Aid List in the Coronavirus Crisis (Living Page)

Financial health is a musician health issue. Below you'll find a list of resource by state with application links (all working) and information. The list is being updated daily so check back as GoFundMe pages in particular are being added. Every item on this list is designated for musicians and does not link to any other general list pages.


Please note, when encouraging people you know to donate to some of the GoFundMe's, those donations are generally considered to be personal gifts and might not be tax-deductible. Tax issues may also affect the resulting payout amounts and tax requirements for you, the musician, including a W9 form. GoFundMe provides more information here.


Consider also that many of the GoFundMe applications may request personal information without security or disclosure as to how your personal information will be stored or deleted afterward. We have no responsibility in the outcome of any funds you choose to apply for either financially or in regards to your personal information.


You may wish to encourage or prioritize giving and receiving through the larger, national and regional charities or read the GoFundMe page about section carefully to see if they have nonprofit partners (501c3's) who will take on fund distribution who have tax infrastructure and resources with a history of financial distribution.


Have a resource you want added to this list for donations or distributions. Please email us here! 


National and Regional

Actors Fund (not just for actors!) - Currently taking up to two weeks to process requests. Must be able to prove a minimum of five years recent entertainment industry employment of at least $6,500 in three of those five years and inability to pay the next two months bills.

The American Guild of Musical Artists - For members only and administered by the Actors Fund.

Artist Relief Project - Supported by the nonprofit Artly World, this fund supports artists, musicians and performers with a $200 emergency stipend on a first come, first serve basis.

Artist Relief Tree - Now has a website homepage for donations. At the moment new requests are not being accepted but you can join the waitlist for when information is released. Awards are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund - Application closed. For art leaders in all disciplines within the BIPOC community. A GoFundMe has been set up and awards are given up to $200.

Bluegrass Trust Fund - For members who have been a professional part of the Bluegrass music community. Applicants must have five years and at least 50% of their income derived from bluegrass music. If qualified, apply here.

The Blues Foundation HART Fund - The HART fund is specifically for blues musicians with financial needs due to health concerns. Application by request via email and reviewed by committee.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund - A donation page for those the fund usually serves with special attention to the COVID-19 crisis.

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGTBQI+ and BIPOC Folks - The survey closed on Tuesday, March 17th. The GoFundMe page is still accepting donations.

The Creator Fund - Currently over 6,000 submissions and past payout ability. From Convertkit, this fund gives up to $500 and distributes via PayPal.

Crew Nation - This fund is sponsored by the nonprofit Music Forward Foundation. It has major backers such as Live Nation who pledged 5 million and up to another 5 million in matched donations. This fund is specifically for live music crews. No application form yet and recipients based on objective need.

Equal Sound - First come, first serve. Fill out the form and upload tax info and proof that you had a gig cancelled due to coronavirus. As donations are received, they are distributed. There’s also a GoFundMe attached to this for donations.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program - Applications not yet open. This is not for individual artists. This is for small business. If you own a music school or a performance venue or contract ensembles, this is for you.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts - Has finally opened up a COVID-19 specific relief grant of $1,500 to artists of an experimental nature in any discipline who have had a performance or exhibition cancelled.

Freelancer Covid-19 Emergency FundDonations are currently at about 10% of requests. For all creative freelancers. Operates on a pay-it-forward model and asks that you contribute to the fund when back on your feet.

Freelancers Union - Requires quite a bit of tax and income information you must provide to prove that at least half of your income has been lost due to COVID-19 cancellations. Grants are awarded based on eligibility.

Gospel Music Trust Fund - Requests must be made in writing.

Groupmuse - They have a musician donation fund set up for any artist who had a gig with them cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 shut down.

The Haven Foundation - Must be a freelance qualified person, a professional with over 40% of income over the last three years from music and a legal US resident.

Jazz Foundation of America - Supporting jazz musicians in need.

Opry Trust Fund - For music professionals who have worked full time within the facet of the country music scene. Applicants must be referred.

Missed Tour - If your tour was cancelled, sell your merch here!

#MusicUnited - A peer-to-peer fund. Application site requires signing up for their mailing list.

Music Maker Relief Foundation - For musicians who focus on music of the South.

MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund - Long standing resource for recording artists and musicians. The Recording Academy and Spotify are a few of the big donors backing this funds distribution. Applicants must show proof of cancellations and bookings and a copy of lease agreements and mortgage statements.

The Musicians Foundation  - Temporarily closed for application. Long standing nonprofit resource for musicians. Applicants must have documented proof of at least five years as a professional musician or music educator where this is the primary source of income.

New Music Solidarity Fund - Application closed. Designed to help those in the field of new music. Donations still being accepted.

Nomad Fundraiser - This GoFundMe is open through the end of March and specifically to benefit touring musicians and crews who have had tours cancelled as a result of COVID-19. Contact them via the GoFundMe page for info on application. Partnered with nonprofit, Unite the United.

Passim PEAR Fund - Passim is a folk music organization and school with a fund set up for members who have taught or performed at any location within the last ten years. Artists must have proof of lost income due to COVID-19 and commit to playing in the Passim virtual music festival.

Patreon - Fill out an online questionnaire. That's all the current information available.

Petrillo Memorial Fund - Operated by the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). Applicants must be disabled either physically or mentally and be a member in good standing with the union.

Pillars Rapid Response Fund - Temporarily closed. For Muslim-American artists. Applicants will be eligible for up to $500 until the trust runs out.

Pinetop Assistance League - For elderly musicians in need.

Plus1 COVID-19 Relief Fund - Set up in partnership with several nonprofits in both the US and Canada to assist with necessary expenses and healthcare financial needs for musicians.

The Quarantine Sessions - Live Stream your concert and advertise it on this Facebook Page. You can set up a donation fund specific for your work.

SAG-AFTRA COVID-19 Disaster Fund - This is for SAG-AFTRA members who are active and currently paid up on all dues through October 2019. Must show proof of membership and need. Applications could take up to two weeks to process. 

The Soze Agency Artist and Activist Relief Fund - The Soze Agency will be providing grants on an on-going basis for selected applicants in a variety of disciplines.

Supporting Performance Artists Affected By Covid-19 - This focuses on the US West Coast. The GoFundMe page will accept donations until March 31 before being divided up based on loss compensation. To apply you must be able to prove proof of cancellation and loss.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund - Long standing nonprofit resource for musicians. Applicants must show proof that 50% of income comes from working within the music industry as well as proof of cancellations and bookings. Grants for older (55+) musicians available as well.

Tariso String Musician Grant - This fund is available to anyone who has a degree in violin, viola or cello and works as a professional musician whose income has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Awards are in the amount of $600 and applications are due April 25.

Twenty Summers Emergency Arts Fund - 20 Summers is hosting its first nationwide event by promoting submitted videos from artists for donation and distributes the donations to artists in need.



Alabama State Council on the Arts - These grants are not specific to COVID-19, however they do cover a large range of disciplines and are available to artists who wish to continue creating and presenting in the state of Alabama.

Birmingham Strong Fund - If you own a music business in Birmingham, this one's for you. The fund is set up to specifically aid small businesses in the Birmingham area who have been affected by COVID-19. You can also donate here.







Arizona Artists and Arts Professionals Emergency Relief Fund - Applications paused. Open to individuals residing in the state of Arizona who can prove primary source of income is related to artistic discipline (with the exception of full-time college and university educators) and cancellation of work in that field. Awards given between $500 and $1,500.

PHX Musician Covid-19 Relief Fund - The application survey hasn't been set up yet but the GoFundMe is active for donations.

Phoenix Artist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe for individual artists in all disciplines in the Phoenix area.

Tucson Musicians COVID19 Relief - A GoFundMe page set up for donations with a survey application for Tucson musicians in need. For individual artist only. They have already received over 50 applications totalling over $60,000 in losses.



Bay Area Emergency Fund: Artists/Event Production - A GoFundMe page is set up and will award funds based on need. No application yet but information is listed on the page for requirements.

California Jazz Foundation - Applicants must be able to show at least five years as a jazz musician with residency in California. Applicants must submit copies of bills they're requesting help with as well as a resume and current financial situation.

Culture LA Arts Emergency Relief Fund - Applicants must reside within the city of Los Angeles and be able to demonstrate professional experience over the last three years. Awards between $400 and $1,200. Applicants must be able to prove cancellation of work or performance.

LA Freelancers Relief Fund - To help with small, essential needs like groceries and toiletries.

Music Fund of LA Must be an active member of AFM Local 47 (Los Angeles) in good standing. You may apply for up to two lost services with a payout of $75 for each lost service with a maximum of $150 with written proof of cancellation from an AFM contractor.

Musicians Union Local 6 (San Francisco) - Funds distributed to members of the AFM Local 6. Members must be in good standing.

The Safety-Net Fund - There will be more applicants than grant money. For Bay Area musicians. Applicants must not be eligible for unemployment. Applicants must offer proof of artistic endeavor within the last six months and prove they have made less than $1,000 in the last month. Applications evaluated in the order they are received. Donations accepted here.

Theatre Bay Area Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund - If you're a musician who has worked within the Bay Area theatre community you're eligible to apply if you have had a cancellation due to COVID-19. Applications are being reviewed weekly.

The SF Arts and Artists Relief Fund - Individuals who apply must be a resident of San Francisco and not eligible for or on unemployment. Applications are accepted until April 15. There is also available funding for 501(c)3's in the arts.

SoCal Vocalist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe page specific to those working as freelance vocalists. Funds are distributed on a first-come first-serve basis and awarded based on proof of gig cancellation.

Women's Center for Creative Work - Applications paused. The COVID-19 Emergency Health Grant for Artists is available for women, trans, non-binary, and/or persons of color who qualify as low-income and who have a mental or physical sickness or are undocumented or are less able to access resources right now. Applicants must live in Southern California.



Colorado Artist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe with an application survey specific to Colorado-based artists. Not clear on if musicians are covered. Awarded of first-come first-serve basis.

The Colorado Artist Relief Fund - A collection of nonprofits and which will supply grants up to $1,000 to individual artists living in Colorado who have sustained financial loss due to COVID-19. Applicants must provide a W9.

Denver Metro Area Artist COVID-19 Relief Fund - Applications currently paused until more funds are made available.GoFundMe account for individual artists only. Priority given to artists from historically marginalized groups.

Educational Center for the Arts Alumni Mutual Aid - A GoFundMe for any alumni from the Education Center for the Arts in Denver. For an application email Tyler Williams. Accepting donations through March 29.

Support NoCo Audio Engineers & Lighting Designers - If you're an audio engineer in Northern Colorado, this one is specifically for you. A GoFundMe page has been set up and funds will be distributed evenly among applicants. Must reside in a Northern Colorado zip code.



New Haven Creative Sector Relief Fund - For both individual artists who make under $42K annually individually, $67K annually if married and $112 annually if married with dependents. Also available to small arts organizations under $500,000. All disciplines welcome to apply. Awards made once.







Atlanta Artist Los Gig Fund - Put on by C4 Atlanta and with priority given to members first. Awards are distributed as available in the fund. Applicants must be residents of the area and priority given to traditional marginalized people groups. 

Garrie Vereen Memorial Emergency Fund - Sponsored by Athens-based, long-time musician suicide prevention and mental health organization, Nuçi’s Space. Also available to music venues. You can also donate to the fund here.



Hawaii Artists and Entertainment Fund - A GoFundMe page to help artists across all mediums and disciplines. The fund focuses on help for cancelled gigs.







Arts for Illinois Relief Fund - Applicants may be eligible for a one-time grant of $1,500. Applicants must provide a W9, not be enrolled in any degree-seeking programs and able to prove artistic work and cancellations due to COVID-19. Applications are being accepted until April 8.

Chicago Artists Relief Fund - Application temporarily suspended. A GoFundMe page for musicians and artists. Priority will be given to artists in more marginalized demographics.

Chicago Blues Revival - The Pay the Musicians Fund is for contributing members of the Chicago Blues scene to connect their online payment methods and online footage so that funders can listen and donate directly. You can also donate to Chicago Blues Revival and they will divide up payments equally.

Chicago Musicians Emergency Relief Fund, Local 10-208 - A GoFundMe page to benefit members of the union in the greater Chicago area. Applications due by March 30.

No Starving Artist - A GoFundMe page for Chicago area musicians who have lost gigs. No application guidelines yet.

Old Town School Staff & Faculty Assistance Fund - A GoFundMe page specific for the Chicago Old Town School of music. This page is set up through the school and 100% tax deductible.



Arts Council of Indianapolis - Indy Keeps Creating is providing a fund to musicians, artists and small arts organizations impacted by COVID-19. Grants are awarded based on at least 40% of income derived from the creative arts, individuals without access to health care or sick days and those with greatest current need. Applicants must live in Marion or one of the seven surrounding counties and provide proof of at income loss in excess of $500 and two years of work experience.

Indiana Music Relief Fund - For female and non-binary musicians in the state of Indiana. 

Support for Regional Musicians During COVID-19 - A GoFundMe set up specifically for residents of Lake, Newton, Jasper, or Porter counties in Indiana or Will County in Illinois. Applicants can receive up to $200 with proof of lost gig.



KC Musicians Relief Fund Amid COVID-19 - Application survey link down.GoFundMe for musicians in Kansas City who have had gigs cancelled. Survey link in the about section.





New Orleans Business Alliance - They’ve set up a fund specifically for all gig-economy workers which includes musicians as well as rideshare drivers, production staff and more. There’s a list of qualifications found clearly on their website with application information.

New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation - This is part of Culture Aid NOLA where you can request food. There is a donation page set up but no word yet on application or if funds will be distributed or used for music community aid.





Frederick Artist Relief Fund - Set up by the Frederick Arts Council, this GoFundMe is for members of Frederick County, Maryland. There are three application cycles and will prioritize lower income artists.



Boston Artist Relief Fund - Must live in Boston. There are three application distribution cycles currently available to submit for.

Boston Music Maker Relief Fund - Currently over 800 applicants. Grants up to $200.

Boston Singers Resource - Open to all New England residents. Applicant must have proof of contract or employment, cancellation, Boston residency and include a resume. Must be able to prove at least 15% of income from singing.

Cambridge Artist Relief Fund - For individuals or arts organizations with Cambridge residency. One-time awards up to $1,000 on a first come, first serve basis. Must submit a 100 word summary of hardship and be able to prove loss of income.

Cape Cod Arts Relief Fund - Open to artists of all disciplines who live in Barnstable County. The need must be due to unanticipated financial loss as a result of COVID-19. The Arts Foundation will award grants up to $500 and feature the artists work.

Mass Cultural Council COVID-19 Relief Fund - For individual artists who derive 25% of their income from their artistic discipline. Must be able to demonstrate at least $1,000 in loss that is not eligible for unemployment compensation and be a legal resident of Massachusetts for the last year.

Music Streams Cal - With a focus on Massachusetts and New England based artists, bands can send links to live streams for tips and merch links for sales.

Worcester Creative Relief Fund - Applications will remain open until April 8. Applicants must be a resident of the Worcester area in any arts discipline and able to prove financial loss due to COVID-19 cancellations. Proof of residency, incom loss, a W9 and a 100-word summary of hardship required.



Michigan Music Alliance - A GoFundMe for musicians who make their living as a live performer. Tax documentation is required as is Michigan residency. Gigs must have been cancelled due to coronavirus and a max of $500 is awarded per cancelled gig.

Crosshatch Center for Arts and Ecology - Serves the counties of Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska and Leelanau. Serves artists in multiple disciplines within nonprofit focus.

Arts Alliance - For residents of Washtenaw County in Michigan.



Springboard for the Arts - May take up to two weeks for application to process. For Minnesota residents who have had gigs cancelled, not postponed. Doesn’t cover future gig losses. Applicants from traditionally marginalized groups will be given priority. Maximum awards of $500.

Twin Cities Music Community Trust - For individuals in the Twin Cities who earn over 50% of their income from the music industry. Awards based on need not and for those who have not received assistance from any other COVID-10 relief funds.





St. Louis Arts and Music Fund - A GoFundMe for musicians and artists. Applications will be accepted once the aid fund hits it’s $5,000 goal. Applicants can receive up to $250. Application form on Facebook with an email listed for sending.

St. Louis Community Foundation - The Regional Arts Commission Artist Relief Fund is available to artists of all disciplines who have sustained financial loss in teaching or cancelled events due to the COVID-19 crisis. Applicants must be over 19 years of age and living in St. Louis County.

St. Louis Covid-19 Artist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe for musicians and artists in the St. Louis region. Priority given by urgency of expense and to those who have proof of cancellation and make 60% or more of their income at their craft. Funds only distributed via PayPal.



Brondum Foundation - Primarily for Montana resident musicians, quarterly awards. Funds awarded only for medical expenses not rent or other living expenses.

Montana Music Relief Fund - A GoFundMe for musicians in Montana who make more than half of their income from music-related pursuits. Application details not yet released.





COVID-19 Vegas Musicians and Artists Fund - A GoFundMe donation page with a limit of $100 award potential. If the government sets up a fund for performers, the amount collected will be donated there for better distribution. 

Las Vegas Performers Relief Fund - For such a big city I'm really surprised at the fact that this fund has very little attention and that there aren't any other options readily available. I'm including the GoFundMe link in the hope that it will get shared around by musicians in need.

Washoe County Artist Relief Fund - COVID-19 - This GoFundMe is for musicians and artists in the Washoe County (Reno, etc.) It is set up through the Sierra Arts Foundation nonprofit which makes donations tax deductible. Grants up to $500.


New Hampshire


New Jersey

City of Newark Creative Catalyst Fund - For residents and nonprofits who are Newark-based in any artistic discipline. Applications due by May 1.


New Mexico

New Mexico Musicians Relief Fund Amid COVID-19 - A GoFundMe page for musicians residing in New Mexico. Awards will be in smaller amounts at the end of the funding campaign so as to assist as many people as possible. Has received 67 applications with $58,000 claimed in loss.

Santa Fe Artist Relief Fund - For residents of Santa Fe County who can provide a W9 and proof of work cancellation. Distributions will be made between $500 and $1,000 and priority given to traditionally marginalized people groups.


New York

AFM Local 82 (New York City) - In partnership with the Actors Fund. Applicant must be a member in active, good standing and must be able to provide written proof of cancelled engagement.

Bagby Foundation for the Musical Arts - Administered by the Actors Fund. Support is focused on pensioners in opera and classical music. Telephone needed for application and information.

Live From Our Living Rooms - An online music festival in partnership with MusicTalks that has raised money for New York City musicians. Applications due by April 8 and must include CV, lost income report, proof of current financial situation and bills due.

Lost My Gig NYC - A website for New York artists where you can list the work you've lost as well as a payment link for others to donate directly to you.

Max’s Kansas City Project - For New York state artists in multiple disciplines. Restricted to medical aid, legal aid and housing aid.

The Mayer Foundation - Provides grants to low-income New York City individual artists and organizations. Awards are made quarterly and applicants must be able to demonstrate need as well as artistic plans for the award money.

The Mellon Foundation NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund - For 501(c)3 organizations with a history of serving the NYC residents. Must be based in New York City and a recipient of city or state funding.

New York City Musicians COVID-19 Relief Fund - Applications will close March 28 and grants will be given out March 30. You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

New York Community Trust - The NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund is designed to assist nonprofit organizations in the arts and culture sector. Awards are given in the form of equipment and support of needs from financial loss.

NYC Low-Income Artist/Freelancer Relief Fund - Application paused. You can continue donating on their GoFundMe and watching the page for continuing application info. Now partnered with a 501c3 for tax deductions. Awards up to $150.


North Carolina

Arts Greensboro - Applicants must be residents of the greater Greensboro area who can provide proof of financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 and are capable of demonstrating artistic work made within the last two years. Applications are reviewed weekly and funds are distributed based on the amount in the fund.

Durham Artist Relief Fund - For artists in Durham who rely on gigs to pay their bills. Priority will be given based on need.

NC Artist Relief Fund - Awarded by need, not merit with a focus on those most vulnerable. Disbursements made weekly.

Orange County Arts Commission - Currently seeking donations to support Orange County North Carolina Artists, has an attached GoFundMe but no word yet on how funds are applied for or distributed.


North Dakota



The Columbus Foundation - Is awarding grants to other non-profits in the Columbus area who are working with musicians who have lost gigs. Run a music non profit that can award smaller grants to musicians in need? Apply for this!

Columbus Artist Relief Fund COVID-19/Coronavirus - Focused on all Columbus area artists with priority being given to more marginalized communities. A GoFundMe is set up for donations.

Greater Cincinnati Artist Relief Fund - Applications currently paused. A GoFundMe in the Cincinnati area for artists across all mediums.  

Greater Columbus Arts Council - For residents of Franklin county who are not enrolled in school and are paid for performances. You may request up to $1,000 and applications are reviewed weekly.



Red Dirt Relief Fund - For Oklahoma resident musicians who have sustained a loss of at least $1,000 due to cancelled engagements and have worked in the music industry for the last 5 years. Financial pool currently exhausted but fundraising is ongoing.



The Jeremy Wilson Foundation - Supports Oregon and Clark County, WA musicians. Applications will be opened up once funding goal is reached. 

Portland Area Artist Emergency Relief Fund - Applications temporarily paused. Applicants must be individual artists living in Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington counties who have documented gig loss up until June 10.



Erie Arts and Culture - Applications temporarily paused. The Emergency Financial Assistance Fund is designed for creative or cultural professionals who have a need for assistance in groceries or rent and can prove a disruption to income. Applicants must not be eligible for other forms of assistance such as unemployment.

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council - For musicians in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Up to $500 awarded for cancelled prior work engagements or offsetting losses to teaching artists.

PGH Artists Emergency Fund - Applications currently paused. For musicians in the Pittsburgh area. Up to $250 awarded. The GoFundMe page has information on where to make donations but is currently no longer accepting donations through this platform.

Philly Performance Artist Fund - A focus on burlesque, drag and theater but open to all performance artists. Priority is given to marginalized groups. A GoFundMe page is set up for donations.

Philly Shreds Musician Emergency Fund - A GoFundMe for Philadelphia area musicians with a focus on those who work/gig in restaurants and bars.


Rhode Island

Newport Festivals Foundation - The Newport Jazz and Folk Music communities focuses on musicians who have played at these two festivals or are in the Rhode Island community and have lost income due to COVID-19 gig cancellations. 


South Carolina


South Dakota



Academy of Country Music - They’re still helping with grants towards tornado relief.

Arts Memphis - The Artist Emergency Fund is designed to assist artists of all disciplines up to $500. Applicants must live in Shelby County and be able to prove they have had work cancelled (not postponed) since March 1 as a result of COVID-19. Awards are made once.

Corona Concert No. 1 - Nashville Musicians - This GoFundMe will be partnered with a livestream performance hosted by Nashville artists who have lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Music Export Memphis - A donation fund for Memphis-based musicians. Now word yet on how applications or distributions will be handled.

Music Health Alliance COVID-19 Virus/Tornado Relief Assistance - An application for those being hit with the Nashville Tornado and the novel coronavirus. Applicants must show 3 years of music industry employment, documented loss of income and recent bank statements.

Relief for Nashville Musicians - A GoFundMe page with no word yet on how to apply or how funds will be dispersed.



Banding Together ATX - A GoFundMe page to support Austin-based venues and artists affected by the cancellation of SXSW Music Festival. Now with nonprofit partner, Red River Cultural District for tax deductible donations.

Creative Industry Relief Fund - Serving Fort Worth and Tarrant County in partnership with United Way. Awards of $300 will be given on a first come, first serve basis to artists of all disciplines residing in Tarrant County who can provide proof of financial loss due to COVID-19.

Dallas Artist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe page focused on low-income artist needs.

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) - Focused on health care needs for Austin-based musicians.

I Lost My Gig - For those in Austin affected by the cancellation of SXSW Music Festival. Add your name to the list, how much you lost and a link for how others can donate directly to you.

Stand with Austin Fund - In partnership with the Entrepreneurs Foundation, this fund is specifically set up for those affected by SXSW's cancellation and to accept donations for small businesses and other nonprofits which assist individuals. If you run an arts non-profit in Austin, this is for you!








Washington D.C.

VoxCorona - Aid Professional Vocalists Devastated by COVID-19 is the GoFundMe for the Washington D.C. area focused on professional vocalists who lost all their work due to the Force Majeure clause. Awards up to $500. 


Washington State

4Culture Relief Fund - First round applications will be accepted until May 15. Applicants should not be involved in any degree-seeking programs and an individual artist whose work has been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Artist Trust COVID-19 Artist Relief Fund - For individual artists in Washington State who can prove loss of wages and earnings, rent payments due, medical expenses and other cancellations.

Artist Trust General Grants and Funds - A list of grants focused on artist development and work, not COVID-19 focused.

ArtsFund - This is a grant designed for nonprofits that work to support the arts. You must have a 501(c)3 standing to be eligible with a three year history of regular, sustained arts programs. Work must be based within King County.

Musicians Association of Seattle Local 76-493, AFM - The union is providing application for aid to current members in good standing. Email the chapter's secretary/treasurer Warren Johnson for application information.

Seattle Artist Relief Fund Amid COVID-19 - Applications currently suspended. A GoFundMe page set up for donations. Partnered with Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center.

Seattle Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund - A donation page, no word yet on application. Awards are one-time and for non-profits, not individuals.

Seattle Music Teacher Fund - This GoFundMe is specifically for music teachers with cancelled lessons.

SMASH - A Seattle-based financial resource for musician's dental and health care.

Spokane Artists and Creatives Fund - For individual artists only who live in the Spokane area. Distributions capped at $500.


West Virginia



Chippewa Valley Artist Relief Fund - A GoFundMe has been set up for artists of all disciplines. Awards based on need with priority going to traditionally marginalized groups. Maximum distribution is $500. 

Milwaukee Musician Relief Fund Amid COVID-19 - A GoFundMe which funds local musicians who livestream perform through z2 Studios, "Underground Online Music Series."



Have hope!

Philippians 4:7

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