Streamlining Music Performance Anxiety Research with Nabeel Zuhdi

This week I sat down with Nabeel Zuhdi who began his music studies in 1989 in his hometown of Damascus, Syria. An internationally awarded classical guitarist, his studies brought him to the University of North Texas (UNT) where he earned is M.M. in Guitar Performance with a related field in Performing Arts Health. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the UNT College of Music where he is pursuing the world's first doctoral degree in Performing Arts Health (PAH).


Mr. Nabeel's work includes a 2017 presentation at the Performing Arts Medicine Association International Symposium on classical guitarist's occupational health and a 2019 presentation on his recent research into Music Performance Anxiety. His areas of interest and focus also include musician identity and muscle activation patterns of the right upper back area in classical guitarists.


His greatest hope is for a bigger interdisciplinary approach within the field of music in order to better inform pedagogues, music educators and 


This week we're talking about the evolving terminology, treatment and streamlining of Music Performance Anxiety and its implications for future research, music educators and clinicians. Make sure to check out our podcast interview now streaming on SoundCloud and iTunes. Mentions from the episode are available in the info below including how you can reach Mr. Nabeel.


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Where to Find Mr. Nabeel

Mr. Nabeel is currently finishing his Ph.D in Performing Arts Health at the Texas Center of Performing Arts Health at the University of North Texas. He is also an active guitarist and educator.




Research Work and Publications 

Classical Guitar Survey: Influence of Intensity and Frequency of Site-specific Pain on Musical Performance 

A Systematic Review of Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) Research: Implications for Researchers, Schools of Music Administrators, Music Pedagogues, and PAM Clinicians


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Remember, our bodies should never limit our art so learn how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.

Less pain and more music!

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