Welcome Back!!

Welcome back? Welcome here? Welcome home?

Whatever it is, welcome!!!

This blog used to go by the name PE for Musicians but now it's permanently here at Musician Health Resource where there's way more than a blog happening! Let's take a look, shall we...


The Blog

All of the old postings are still here and have been painstakingly moved to this new domain (huge shout out to our web builder!). After that, each of those blogs was revised to reflect our new name, sites and links. So click away! And should you happen to find something that's not working, please send over an email letting me know, I want this site to be perfect for you.

A great part of being here in this new home is the tag cloud feature you'll see to the right. Click on a topic you want to know more about and every blog or link on this site that provides information on it will appear. The last site did not have this feature and it is so exciting!!

You'll also notice some city names hiding in that list. That's because, moving forward, MHR will be growing a database of resources in your city. While MHR is based in Los Angeles, you might not be, and the ultimate goal is to get you connected to people who can help you experience a life of less pain and more music wherever you are!


The Podcast

To confess, this one hasn't made the transition as neatly... The current uploaded interviews still have the old PE for Musicians name and, for some reason, some people are still seeing the old artwork. I've been running in circles trying to sort this one out trying everything short of deleting it all and starting over. The good news is, the information in these episodes is still solid and you should listen to them anyway.

The podcast will be back in January with brand new episodes and I'm very excited about some of the guests I've been interviewing. This spring will have a strong focus on musician injuries and advice on learning how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.


The Store

Wow, have I been SOOOO excited about this one! Like, beyond excited. Right now the store is small but mighty with a couple of very powerful and very useful recovery tools for you to get started with. I'm still trying to figure out the world of ecommerce so the tiny start is partially for my learning curve, but keep your eyes on it because expansion is already in the works. 


Workshops/Lectures/Master Classes

I know a lot of your are thinking, "This is great, Karen, thanks for doing all this research and writing but I still don't want to read all these blog posts, that takes too much time." Or maybe it's, "I'd like to know how to better communicate this information to my students." Or even, "Please, just show me what to do because I learn best that way."

Whatever your reasoning, I got you. If you're interested in hosting a workshop, a master class, a lecture or seminar, I'm ready to help you out. I've recovered from three Repetitive Strain Injuries in my cello career and I know the pain, the emotional roller coaster, the impatient journey to recovery, all too well. In fact, over 80% of musicians will deal with pain during their music career, so know that you are not alone in this. Plus, I've done some cool things in my career at some pretty cool venues like the Hollywood Bowl, SXSW Music Festival and this little TV show called "Glee" to name a few and I don't mind sharing my experience and expertise in whatever way I can.


Social Media

Let me be real, this one's a love/hate relationship. But, for better or for worse Musician Health Resource is very active on Instagram. You can find it on pretty much every social media platform actually. The best part is, the MHR social media channels are geared toward education and information to encourage you and inform you, not to give you FOMO. Sometimes in the Insta-story I'll post a gig photo or something I'm up to but that's mostly so you know that I'm living this life with you, not hiding behind a screen telling you what to do and letting my music-chops slide. We're in this together!



This is a really evil teaser because I can't tell you all of it yet but there's a lot more coming your way in 2020. There will be vlogs, videos, curriculum and methods and, well, more! Make sure you've got this resource bookmarked, that you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or whatever social network you use most and get ready for less pain and more music in your life!


Health and happiness and a HUGE welcome back!

Karen - founder, Musician Health Resource

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