So Much To Do, So Little Time

If you're a regular listener of the Musician Health Resource podcast than you are aware that there was no episode last week for which I am sorry! Musician Health Resource is a blog and podcast that I write and run 100% on my own and, when things in my life happen, things on here do not.


So just like my writing and producing has been scaled back, exercise has also been scaled back. I'm currently going through an early lease termination process with my landlord, small claims, mediation, government offices, the works! And then moving. So other than lifting heavy boxes and furniture (with the legs, not the back) I haven't been up to much other than discovering new ways of managing stress.


That being said, I'm keeping mostly up with my daily planks and have noticed that my glute strength has drastically improved. Running over four miles has become easier quickly and, thanks to my next podcast guest, I have some fantastic hip exercises to get me straightened out and strengthened.


Here's what I did manage this last week:


  • Five days of one minute forearm planks
  • A 4.5 mile run (with hills)
  • A 5.5 mile hike (with mountains)
  • Five days of morning yoga with focus on stress relief, hand/wrist, spinal stability, flexibility and neck release


Definitely not the progress I was after, but a little stronger every day. My goal is to begin splitting up 8 minute exercise bursts throughout my day as I work from home (or pack boxes) to add in more upper and lower body and to be more diligent about recording them in my practice journal. I'm excited to share the new exercises and especially hand/wrist exercises so make sure you follow along on the blog and on our Instagram.


Remember, our bodies should never limit our art so learn how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.


Less pain and more music!


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  • Apr 24, 2018
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