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Hopefully you read yesterday's blog post about the physical pain I've been finding myself in this last week.


The last six months I've been recovering from heat exhaustion and that has meant minimal physical activity. Depending on your level of exercise and fitness it will take differing amounts of time for a loss of endurance and muscle mass. For me, these last six months were definitely enough time for a significant physical setback and loss of muscle tone.


Here's a little snippet of what I usually do:


I play the cello. And I filmed this little reel to give to my agent because I also do some acting:



Yep, that was me in a colonial powdered wig and outfit.


The point is, I like to create and perform. I can't show up to a set and explain to them I threw out my back and standing like an upright, proud patriot isn't gonna happen. And I can't sit down to enjoyably play Bach when I'm in unending amounts of pain.


I also can't run, can't hike, can't laugh, can't do much.


But, I can share my story and I can provide a platform and comfortable setting for others to share their stories. So please check out today's brief podcast "interview" with me. And I can begin and commit to a recovery program with all my wonderful readers and supporters for accountability and encouragement.


Please also check out the other podcasts I referenced today like "The Time Ferris Show" or the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


I'll be back next week with a proper blog and podcast interview sharing about the Alexander Technique. I confess, I've heard so much about the Alexander Technique but knew very little personally so this interview was very informative and transformative for me.


Remember, our bodies should never limit our art so learn how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.

Less pain and more music!


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