Interview with Karen Elaine - Violist and Acro Yogini

This week I sat down with Karen Elaine, a talented violist with a diverse field of interests and accomplishments. From kickboxing and SCUBA diving to music world tours and concert soloist performances, Karen exudes knowledge and enthusiasm for all of her passions equally and it's no surprise she has met with success in each of her fields.


She spoke with me about daily rituals, intentions, time management and cross-training with her instrument as well as her history as a black woman growing up with a love classical music and her most recent endeavor combining the dance and partnering of Acro Yoga with her music performance.


Our podcast episode is now streaming on iTunes and SoundCloud and you can check out the show notes below for information on teachers and classes mentioned in the episode as well as where to find Karen.


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Where to Find Karen






Press and Video

Fitness Book Selected Author - "The Little Black Book of Fitness"

Acro Yoga and Music (AYAM) Performance

LA Times Review


Podcast Mentions

Jackie Paisley - Former Professional Cellist and Bodybuilder

Samuel Applebaum Pedagogy Books

Muscle Activation Therapy

Sean Gray Yoga - Karen's current yoga instructor 

Acroyoga Information


For more information on what Acro Yoga is and the many different kinds of yoga practices, be sure to check out yesterday's blog post. And, as always, if you're not following along on the Musician Health Resource Instagram, it's updated daily with tips and practices for a happy healthy music practice, including today's post which includes a "Quick Tip" from Karen Elaine.


Remember, our bodies should never limit our art! So learn how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.


Less pain and more music!


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