Interview with Dr. Jonathan Sum, DPT, OCS, SCS - Physician at USC Musician Rehabilitation

This week I sat down with Dr. Jonathan Sum, a Physical Therapist who currently works at the University of Southern California in their division of musician rehabilitation. In addition to his vast knowledge of Sports Medicine and work with Major League Baseball players, he has researched the physiological problems present in guitarists and presented his findings at the 2010 PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) Symposium in Snowmass, Colorado.


Dr. Sum enjoys playing the guitar in his free time which has prompted his interest into why musicians don't adhere to similar training routines as top athletes even though their bodies are being asked to perform athletic feats. Make sure to check out this podcast now streaming on SoundCloud and iTunes. Mentions from the episode are available in the info below including how you can reach Dr. Sum.


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What do all those abbreviations stand for?

PT - Physical Therapist - Licensed to practice physical therapy through degree completion and passed licensing exam.

DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy - Completion of additional education to receive doctoral degree.

OCS - Orthopedic Clinical Specialist - This credential involves a current PT license, 2,000 additional hours of practice with 25% specializing in chosen field, passing the credentialing exam

SCS - Sports Certified Specialist - This credential involves a current PT license and 2,000 additional hours of practice with 25% occurring within the last three years, passing the credentialing exam.



Where to Find Dr. Sum

Email -


Office Phone - 323-865-1200

Office - USC Physical Therapy Associates, Inc, Los Angeles, CA 90033


I'm also excited to announce that this weekend I'll be posting my first product review! I'm looking at different physical therapy, sports therapy and wellness products used in the athletic field that can be applied to our music practice and recovery process. Please check back for updates and keep up to date on everything going on at Musician Health Resource by following along on the Instagram page.


Remember, our bodies should never limit our art so learn how to train like an athlete to play like a musician.


Less pain and more joy!



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